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Customer Management Portal

Anyone running a golf center with indoor golf simulators is aware of the tedious work involved while booking the tee times for their customers and managing them. Manually managing all this is time consuming as well as could lead to many mistakes.

Taking all these things into consideration, we have created a management portal which can simplify the process of managing users, events and tournaments. Our management portal is not just limited to managing the above mentioned tasks but can also be used to manage tedious tasks such as advertising and managing the revenue generated from players. The customer management portal is online and hence it can be accessed from any location and used to manage the business without physically being present at the simulator location.

The management portal is smart enough to store data such as score, ranking etc. of the players playing on the simulator which can be used for comparing all the competitive aspects of the golf game. This data can be accessed by players who are registered on our management portal. Currently the management portal is available in three different languages (English, Korean, Chinese) and we are planning to add more languages in future.